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Multichannel Relationship Marketing
Multichannel is really a tactic that is part of a relationship marketing strategy.

MCM Rel Mkting Supplement Cover"Multichannel pharma marketing is conceptually relatively simple to understand, but incredibly difficult in practice," says Len Starnes, former Head of Digital Marketing & Sales, General Medicine at Bayer Schering Pharma. "That said, multichannel is not a transient phenomenon, it's here to stay."

This collection of Pharma Marketing News articles, blog posts, podcasts, and survey results focuses mainly on issues related to multichannel marketing to physicians.

These days, pharma marketers cannot rely solely on reaching physician clients via sales reps and print journal ads. Digital channels -- including the Web, social media, and mobile -- are increasingly being used by physicians to access information about pharma brands.

Multichannel is really a tactic that is part of a relationship marketing strategy, which uses various interactive media to develop, maintain, and foster a relationship with a current and prospective customers to maximize need satisfaction, share of mind and budget, and nurture loyalty and, ultimately, advocacy of the brand of a product or service.

47 pages.


  • Introduction
  • Is Your Marketing Head in the Cloud? (article & podcast)
  • Making Sense of Multichannel Marketing
  • Multichannel Marketing: Easy to Brag About, But Difficult to Do
  • Multichannel Marketing & Medical Reprints
  • The Evolving Pharma-Physician Relationship
  • Building the "New" Pharma Physician Marketing Model
  • Evolve Your Brand Into a Relationship With Consumers and Physicians
  • The Digital Life of Doctors
  • Podcast: The Changing Pharma eDetailing Landscape

Published November, 2012..

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