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Physician Education
Key Opinion Leaders, Medical Science Liaisons, & CME

PhysEd Supplement CoverIt's a new era for pharmaceutical company support of physician education. New guidelines and regulations from various governmental and non-governmental regulatory bodies have come into play during the past few years. The second event defining this new era was the withdrawal of Vioxx from the market in 2004 and the subsequent re-emergence of the importance of physicians as "learned intermediaries."

More than ever, it is important to educate physicians about new drugs and to keep this education separate from the marketing function of the company yet aligned with commercial goals.

This Special Supplement to Pharma Markeing News is critical reading for pharmaceutical companies and physician education service providers wishing to understand the new roles of key opinion leader physicians (KOLs) and medical science liaisons (MSLs) in the physician education process.

approx. 27 pages.


    Regulations & Guidelines:
  • Compliance with (Some) ACCME Rules Not So Easy... pg. 2
  • Return on Physician Education... pg. 4
  • PhRMA Code Helps Re-define Roles of Medical Affairs and Marketing... pg. 5
  • Responding to the Challenges of Evolving Regulation... pg. 8

    KOLs and MSLs:

  • Developing Win-Win Key Opinion Leader Relationships... pg. 9
  • Thought-Leader Management: A Challenge Met... pg. 12
  • Medical Science Liaisons: Working between Two Worlds... pg. 14
  • MSL Role in Educational Development... pg. 17
  • Motivating & Retaining the MSL: What Makes MSLs Tick... pg. 18
  • Managing Medical Science Liaisons from Afar... pg. 19
  • Give Docs What They Want... pg. 20
  • CME:

  • Provider-Pharmaceutical Partnerships: Are They Possible Without Conflict of Interest?... pg.21
  • When Is Commercial Support Appropriate for CME Activities?... pg. 22
  • Return on CME: Are Pharma Companies Getting Desired Outcomes?... pg. 24
  • A Strategic Approach to CME Offers High Return on Education Investment... pg. 26

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