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Vol. 8, Issue No. 2: FEBRUARY 2009 - EXECUTIVE SUMMARY

Welcome to Volume 8, Issue #2 (FEBRUARY 2009) of Pharma Marketing News. See the featured article summaries below.

John Mack, Publisher & Editor
My Pledge to Subscribers & Advertisers
Upfront Commentary

PledgeI have decided that the best way to do well in my business -- including this newsletter and the entire Pharma Marketing Network comprised of Web sites, blogs and social networking discussion boards (PMN) -- is if I help my subscribers and advertisers also do well.

If I do all I can to help you today, you won't forget me tomorrow when the economy improves.

I pledge the following to my subscribers, readers, and advertisers:
  1. I Pledge Not to Raise Advertising Rates
  2. I Pledge to Offer Subscribers and Adver-tisers More Value-Added Services
  3. I Pledge to Decrease the Number of E-mail Ads Sent to Subscribers
  4. I Pledge to Educate Subscribers and Advertisers How to Use Social Media to Communicate More Effectively
  5. I Pledge to Offer You More FREE Exposure to the PMN Community

Read this entire OpEd piece by John Mack here:

The View From ePharma Summit
Practicing What Was Being Preached!

PreachingThe organizers of this year's ePharma Summit practiced what they and their speakers preached by using social media tools to keep us informed about the conference. Pharma Marketing News was a Media Partner for this event and participated in the social marketing of this event.

This article is a compilation of summaries of presentations made at the event. Included are highlights posted to the ePharma Summit and other blogs during the conference and insights on epharma marketing issues provided by several conference speakers and attendees.

Topic headings include:
  • ePharma's Social Networking Partners
  • Angst and Risk Aversion
  • Social Media are for Passionate People
  • Policies & Guidelines
  • 10 Things I Hated (and Loved) About ePharma Summit
  • Corporate Blog is an Oxymoron
  • Elephant in Room: Resources
  • Will 2009 Be a Breakout or Bearish Year for Online Ads?
  • Seven Key Takeaways
  • How Can Pharma More Effectively Reach MDs?
  • Pharma and YouTube
  • Misconceptions About YouTube
  • FDA is Watching You on YouTube

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Building the Optimal Service Model
Creating the Right Physician Experiences to Drive Business

The vast majority of pharmaceutical companies across the US and Europe say they are moving to new customer-centric service models, which focus more on building relationships with physicians than do traditional detailing models. But are doctors experiencing any real change? What does that transition mean for companies, reps and physicians? What should you do differently to ensure the new models succeed? And what do doctors really want from you?

Those were some of the topics and questions addressed by TNS Healthcare in a recent webinar. This article presents a summary of this webinar and personal conversations with presenters conducted beforehand. Included are NEW research results about how US and European physicians rate pharmaceutical companies against a number of customer value points that are important in achieving success with the new sales model..

Topic headings include:
  • Evolution of the Sales Model
  • The New Sales Model
  • New Measures of Success
  • Key Findings of the 2009 TRI*M™ Study
  • Hygiene, Drivers, Hidden Drivers
  • A Decline in Rep Scores Across the Board
  • What Do Physicians Value?
  • Awareness and Use of Non-Rep Channels
  • Service Model "Report Card"
  • Customer Word-of-Mouth & Market Resistance
  • Key Survey Learnings and Implications

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The New Rules of Marketing & PR
Book Review and Insights for Pharma

New RulesNow, most of you reading this are engaged in pharmaceutical marketing or PR, so you should be forewarned that this book does NOT address the challenges we face in a heavily regulated environment. But that is not to say that the methods explored in this book are not extremely valuable.

As an industry, we must find ways to utilize these tools in a way that is compliant with FDA regulations. The good news is we can! Let's explore...

Topic headings include:

  • Do the New Rules Apply to Pharma?
  • Examples of "New" Rules
  • The Press Release Then, Now and Tomorrow
  • New Tools to Implement New Rules
  • Expect to Hear Many "Nos" Before Your Hear "Yes"
  • Moving from Concepts to Action
  • Traditional Methods Not Likely to Fade Away

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Sales Force Effectiveness Metrics
More Important Than Ever in a Tough Market

Shiny New FDAHans Nagl, Promotion Response Modelling Manager, Shire -- a scheduled speaker at eyeforpharma's upcoming Sales Force Effectiveness Europe 2009 summit March 3-5 -- focuses on SFE metrics for Shire.

This article summarizes a recent discussion between eyeforpharma's Editor Lisa Roner and Nagl about how the current economy and changing pharma landscape is impacting program effectiveness measures.

Topic headings include:

  • Know Who You're Talking To
  • "Wholistic" Approach
  • Lack of Skills is a Problem
  • It Takes Sales Experience and Statistics
  • Special MBAs Needed
  • Take a Long-Term View

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Vol 8, #2 Contents

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