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Vol. 8, Issue No. 3: MARCH 2009 - EXECUTIVE SUMMARY

Welcome to Volume 8, Issue #3 (MARCH 2009) of Pharma Marketing News. See the featured article summaries below.

John Mack, Publisher & Editor
Syndication is da Bomb!
Upfront Commentary

RSSYou've seen this RSS icon. RSS stands for "real simple syndication," which is a technology used to publish frequently updated works-such as blog entries, Twitter "tweets," news headlines, audio, and video-in a standardized format.

Many publishers, including Pharma Marketing News, and even the FDA syndicate content via RSS feeds. In this UpFront piece, John Mack, Editor of Pharma Marketing News, reviews how PMN uses RSS feeds to provide content to our readers from a wide variety of sources including the FDA, PhRMA, major news media, blogs, trade publications, etc.

Read this entire OpEd piece by John Mack here:

Pharma's Bad Rep or Bad Rap
Whatever! The Drug Industry Must Earn Back the Public's Trust

Pharma's Bad RepOver the years, Harris Interactive has polled Americans about their attitudes toward corporate America. The pharmaceutical industry has consistently received low scores; in 2007, for example, only 26 percent of Americans viewed the industry favorably. Among the 11 industry sectors examined, only tobacco companies had a measurably lower rating.

Who and/or what is to blame for pharma's bad reputation? And what should the industry do to win back the public's trust?

The "How to Earn Back the Public's Trust" survey hosted by Pharma Marketing News between February 4, 2009 and March 14, 2009 was designed to answer these questions.

This article summarizes the results of that survey, including selected comments from respondents and other commentators.

Topic headings include:
  • Royal Pain from Physicians
  • Is Pharma's Bad Reputation Deserved?
  • What's Causing the Bad Reputation?
  • Industry and Its Stakeholders Disagree
  • Suppression of Negative Clinical Data
  • The Media's Role
  • Is DTC Advertising the Culprit or Just the Poster Boy?
  • What's the Solution?
  • Transparency Is Key
  • Improve Relations with HCPs
  • The Industry Needs to Re-invent Itself
  • Don't Look Back, Look Forward

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Will Healthcare be Rationed or Rational?
A Case for Supporting Comparative Effectiveness Research

Scenarios"We ration care in the US today using one of the most capricious and inequitable means possible--ability to pay," says Kim Slocum, former Director, Strategic Planning & Business Development at AstraZeneca. "As cost shifting to consumers has accelerated over the past decade, we've seen the effects of this as year-on-year sales growth for prescription products has dropped on more or less a straight line since 2000."

Unless something changes, Slocum envisions dire consequences for the drug industry: "Extend the trend out just a bit further and you're faced with a world in which sixty or seventy million people are completely uninsured with many of the remainder living with very skimpy coverage. Generic utilization rates in this situation probably exceed 80% and perhaps 30%-40% of all prescriptions go unfilled." This describes a future scenario Slocum calls "Consumer Chaos."

In this article, Slocum describes several alternative scenarios and makes a case for the industry to support Comparative Effectiveness Research or CER.

Topic headings include:
  • All Health Systems Ration Care
  • Pharma 2020
  • Evidence is, or Will be King
  • The Current Path is Untenable
  • Possible Future Scenarios
  • Badly Done CER
  • Best Course of Action

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FDA's Use of Social Media
Peanuts Today, Drugs Tomorrow!

FDA and Social MediaPharmaceutical marketers were surprised to learn how extensively FDA used social media and Web 2.0 in the new year. The recall of 3,400 contaminated peanut products in 2009 was described at an eMarketing conference in Princeton, NJ. Pharma marketers heard that blogs, social media, YouTube and Twitter were new tactics embraced by the regulatory agency, at least in its communication with the public on an important food safety issue. FDA, along with CDC and HHS, was pulled further into social networking by growing public concern over the rapid growth and diversity of the peanut-product recall list.

In the future, will the FDA also be pulled into social media by a major Rx drug recall? What can the drug industry learn from the FDA's use of social media and will FDA's example help guide the industry toward best practices in this area?

This article describes FDA's social networking initiatives in context of the above questions.

Topic headings include:

  • A Coordinated Campaign
  • FDA and Twitter
  • Improved Search Capability
  • FDA's Social Media Peanut Recall Resources for Consumers
  • FDA YouTube Peanut Recall Videos
  • What's the Takeaway for Pharma?
  • FDA Widgets: How About One for Adverse Event Reporting?
  • Demise of the One-Click Rule?
  • FDA and YouTube: Do as We Say, Not as We Do
  • DDMAC Gets Bully Pulpit Again, But Strikes Out

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New Privacy Rules in Economic Stimulus Law
Will They Restrict Certain Pharmaceutical Marketing Practices?

No Rx DataBeefed-up patient privacy protections in the recently enacted economic stimulus package are expected to place significant new restrictions on how some players in the pharmaceutical supply chain, including chain drugstores and PBMs, gather and distribute prescribing information to pharmaceutical firms for what critics claim is the purpose of marketing drugs.

This article reviews the medical privacy restrictions included in the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act, which President Obama signed into law on Feb. 17, 2009, and discusses the impact these restrictions might have on pharmaceutical marketing.

Topic headings include:

  • Limits Placed on HIPAA Exclusions
  • Could Curtail Marketing
  • Critics Warn That Rx Data Are Still Accessible
  • Ensuring That Privacy Doesn't Hamper HIT

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Vol 8, #3 Contents

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