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Vol. 9, Issue No. 5: MAY 2010 - EXECUTIVE SUMMARY

Welcome to Volume 9, Issue #5 (MAY 2010) of Pharma Marketing News. See the featured article summaries below.

John Mack, Publisher & Editor
Pharma Crisis Communications in the Fast-paced World of Twitter
Upfront Commentary

Nice But...When it comes to crisis communications in the faced-paced digital world of blogging and Twitter, pharmaceutical companies have no roadmap to guide them. Johnson and Johnson, for example, has been criticized in the media for "abandoning its template" for crisis management and not using the social media tools it has pioneered to keep consumers adequately informed about recent recalls prompted by manufacturing problems at its McNeil unit.

The J&J/McNeil recall fiasco may be a case study on "how-not-to" manage crisis communications in the faced-paced digital world of blogging and Twitter. Pharma can learn from this case to learn how, crisis or otherwise, one deals with the breakneck pace and two-way, consumer-driven nature of digital communications.

Read this entire OpEd piece by John Mack here:

The Changing Pharma Commercial Model in 2010 and Beyond
Delivering the Customer Experiences Physicians Want

Pharma FansIn recent years, the pharmaceutical industry has moved away from its traditional sales model based solely on physicians' relationships with their sales reps to a multi-stakeholder influencer model. What are the key elements of the new Commercial Model? How has this new Commercial Model progressed? Is the new Commercial Model having a positive impact on physician relationships? Which companies are seeing the greatest impact on their customers?

These were some of the questions addressed in an webinar presented by Kantar Health, a leading healthcare-focused global consultancy and marketing insights company.

This article features a summary of the much anticipated NEW TRI*MTM annual survey results with physicians across the U.S. and Europe on their service expectations -- plus how they rate 16 Pharma companies on reps, relationships and services. The survey looked not only at PCPs/GPs but also -- for the first time -- at what oncologists expect from the industry.

Topics include:
  • 2010 TRI*MTM Pharma Reputation Index
  • PCP Sales Relationship Building Performance
  • PCP Sales Support Performance
  • TRI*MTM Drivers for Oncologists
  • Key PCP WOM Trends in 2010
  • Oncologist WOM Findings
  • Variations by Market
  • Variations by Company

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ePrints NRx for Physician Detailing
Reprints Desk's Solution to the Medical Marketing Blues

ReprintsGiven the increasing difficulty that sales reps have gaining access to busy physicians, it is more important than ever to offer value and not just sales pitches. Physicians are looking for help to add value to their efforts to deliver good outcomes and satisfactory patient care. They expect appropriate help from pharmaceutical sales reps, as well as from other parts of the company that provide important support services.

One way that pharmaceutical companies can aid physicians is to provide them access to articles published in peer-reviewed journals, which have a particularly high level of credibility among physicians. The logistics and copyright issues of managing hundreds of different reprints and efficiently distributing them in accordance with FDA's hood reprint practice guidelines, however, is a challenge.

To meet and solve that challenge, Reprints Desk recently announced the launch of ePrints NRx, a new scientific article collection service that simplifies the re-use of PDFs by medical marketers, brand managers, and sales professionals.

This article describes and summarizes the features and benefits of the ePrints NRx solution offered by Reprints Desk.

Topics include:
  • Physicians Value Support Services
  • Journal Articles Highly Valued by Docs
  • ePrints NRx Solution
  • Managing Digital Rights
  • Solving Persistent eChallenges
  • Good Reprint Practices
  • ePrints NRx & Closed-Loop Marketing
  • Case Study: Web Portal Integration for Immediate Article ePrint Downloads

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Data Mining in the Deep, Dark Social Networks of Patients
Advice for Pharma: Caveat Emptor

Dark Social MediaMany pharmaceutical companies are actively monitoring discussions on patient social networks to find negative comments about their products and/or research the issues of importance to patients who suffer from the medical conditions their medicines are designed to treat.

Many of the most important patient communities such as PatientsLikeUs (PLM), however, are "closed," members-only communities that have rules restricting data mining by third parties. These communities are "dark," meaning that search engine spiders are also not allowed to index the content.

If pharma marketers wish to tap into this rich source of information, they need to pay careful attention to the rules lest they suffer the consequences to their reputations.

This article takes a look at the issues involved in data mining the deep, dark and closed patient communities on the internet.

Topics include:
  • The Dark Depths of "Closed" Patient Communities
  • Patient Information for Sale
  • Pharma Trolls Social Media
  • Transparency, Openness and Privacy
  • Beware of Stolen "Copper"
  • The ePatient Perspective
  • What Are Your Social Media Principles?
  • Aligning Your Message with Patient Needs

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Vol 9, #5 Contents

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