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Vol. 11, Issue No. 4: 19 APRIL 2012 - EXECUTIVE SUMMARY

PharmaguyWelcome to Volume 11, Issue No. 4 (19 April 2012) of Pharma Marketing News. Thank you for being a subscriber. See the featured article summaries below. To download ALL the articles in one big PDF file, click here.

John Mack, Publisher & Editor
What's Your Infographics Strategy?
Pharma Ponders Pinterest

Pinterest"Just when we are overrun with the need for content & media strategies of every type from search to email to website to video to social to mobile, now we have the opportunity to contemplate an infographics strategy," said Craig DeLarge, Director, Healthcare Professional Relationship Marketing at Novo Nordisk.

"Infographics (a.k.a., information graphics) are a not so much a 'new' as a 'recently repopularized' visual communications medium that I think of as a cross between prose article, powerpoint slide deck and wall poster," said DeLarge. "Lately I have mostly experienced these on the newly popular social media platform, Pinterest, which I understand is now only third to Facebook and Twitter is its prolific usership."

Topics include:
  • What Is Pinterest and Who Uses It?
  • Another Pfony "Pfizer" Social Media Site!
  • Bayer US Pins, Novo Nordisk Depins!
  • The Comment Archilles Heel
  • What's Your Strategy?
Download full article (PDF)

Sanofi Launches Diabetapedia
"Google" for Diabetes

Diabetapedia LogoLaura Kolodjeski (@lkolodjeski), Community Manager for Sanofi US Diabetes, sent me a Twitter DM announcing the launch of Diabetapedia (di-ah-bee-tah-pee-dee-ah), a new site "to help meet educational needs of diabetes community." According to Laura, the goal is to create "a single, comprehensive place where anyone can find and share definitions of diabetes-related terms and phrases." The site's tag line is "Diabetes doesn't define you... so define diabetes."

Learn more about this site here:

Lipitor Holds Key to DTC Ad Spending in 2012
DTC Spend Trend ChartAs reported by Nielsen, direct-to-consumer (DTC) advertising spending by the pharmaceutical industry was down by 1% compared to 2010. I did a little exercise to predict that DTC spending in 2012 will see a further 3% decrease compared to 2011 solely due to an expected drop in Lipitor advertising. Here's how I came up with that estimate.

Find out here:

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