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Events I Witnessed, News You Made, & People We Met
2010 Pharma Marketing YearBook™, Part 1

Me, You, UsThe year 2010 was all about me. By "me" I mean Pharmaguy, which is the Twitter handle and Facebook name of John Mack, Editor and Publisher of Pharma Marketing News. Increasingly, that me encompasses much more than me personally. In 2010, almost everything about that me was shared with thousands of Twitter followers and beyond; i.e., you.

The same goes for you too! You also have shared your interests with me and with the thousands of people who follow you. And so on. This Pharma Marketing Yearbook is devoted to you AND me, to us.

All this "sharing" and talk about "us," of course, is a direct result of social media, which dominated the attention of pharma marketers around the world in 2010. It's no wonder, then, that a substantial portion of this yearbook is devoted to social media issues facing the pharmaceutical industry.

There is where you can "sign" the 2010 Pharma Marketing Yearbook™ and document that you were part of it all.

Topics include:
  • Your Contribution & Support
  • Pharma Marketing Yearbook 2010 LinkedIn Group Member Comments
  • TIME Person of the Year: Pharmaguy
  • Pharma Marketing & Social Media
  • Pharma's Christmas 2010 Wish List
  • Scrooge FDA

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Issue: Vol. 10, No. 1: 12 January 2011
Word Count: n/a

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Vol 10, #1 Contents

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