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Pharma Social Media Trials & Tribulations
2010 Pharma Marketing YearBook™, Part 2

Social Media is Our FriendAre we reaching the saturation point with social media? Hopefully, by devoting sufficient attention to social media in this commemorative yearbook, it will cease to be the top story in 2011. Unless, of course, FDA comes out with that guidance we all seem to be waiting for.

Nevertheless, social media occupied a good deal of our attention in 2010 and many of the pharma people Pharmaguy met and interacted with in 2010 are involved in social media campaigns in one way or another.

Topics include:
  • An Analysis of Comments Submitted to FDA by the Industry
  • Will the FDA Adopt the FTC's "Reasonable Man" Approach?
  • WHAT (who?) is a "REASONABLE MAN?"
  • FDA Fan Club - Join Today!
  • Is Social Media Pharma's Friend?
  • The Disgruntled Patient Episode
  • The Hawaiian Shirt Off Pharmaguy's Back!
  • It's Social Media Intern!
  • Fake Patients
  • A Match Made in Pharma Marketing Heaven

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Issue: Vol. 10, No. 1: 12 January 2011
Word Count: n/a

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