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John Mack, Publisher & Editor
Welcome to the 2010 Pharma Marketing YearBook™
OpEd by John Mack

Welcome to Volume 10, Issue No. 1 (Jan 12, 2011) of Pharma Marketing News. I am excited to begin the 10th continuous year of publication!

Welcome to the 2010 Pharma Marketing YearBookThis issue of Pharma Marketing News is devoted to the Pharma Marketing Yearbook™ (PMY), which is a commemorative record of pharmaceutical marketing issues and highlights of the past year.

The 2010 PMY is organized around the important pharma marketing events, news, and people Pharmaguy encountered in 2010. As such, it is a view of 2010 as seen through the eyes of Pharmaguy and, by social media extension, through the eyes of "Pharmaguy's Communication Network" -- i.e., readers of Pharma Marketing News/Pharma Marketing Blog and Twitter followers of @pharmaguy. That Network also includes a Pharma Marketing Yearbook Facebook fan page, LinkedIn Group, and plain old Web Site (

The following are the major topics included on the 2010 PMY:

  • Social Media
  • Pharma Use of Internet Other Than Social Media
  • Advertising Media Mix
  • Payments to Physicians
  • Pharma Companies
    • Merck
    • Johnson & Johnson
    • Pfizer
The 2010 PMY is a review of these topics. More in-depth information can be obtained through the many links to articles, blogs, and web pages provided within the Yearbook.

(Click on titles to see a summary and link to each section of the Yearbook)

Vol. 10, No.1: January 2011
Word Count: n/a

Vol 10, #1 Contents

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