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Pharma Twitter Pioneers Recognized
Employees with Personal Twitter Accounts

Pharma TwitterMore and more pharmaceutical company employees are using Twitter. Many are using personal Twitter accounts and some also are responsible for corporate Twitter accounts. These employees can be influential ambassadors among the public and have an opportunity -- maybe even a responsibility -- to help improve the company's reputation.

Last year, @pharmaguy recognized pharma social media pioneers based on their efforts to implement social media marketing campaigns or to champion social media awareness and knowledge within their companies. This year, Pharmaguy is looking at pharma employees who have personal Twitter accounts, how they use these accounts, who follows them and whom they follow, and how influential they are.

This article is an introduction to the first round of members of this group.

Topics include:
  • Can Twitter Improve Pharma's Reputation?
  • Social Media Guidelines for Employees
  • Who Is Tony Jewell?
  • Table: List of Pharmaguy Twitter Pioneers
  • How to Qualify to Be on the List
  • Pioneer "Klout"
  • Chart Showing the Number of Twitter Followers of Pharmaguy Twitter Pioneers (see interactive chart below)
  • Who Do Pioneers Follow?
  • Chart: Pharmaguy Twitter Pioneer Followers vs. Following
  • PeerIndex
  • More Twitter Pioneers Sought

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Issue: Vol. 10, No. 5
Publication date: 10 March 2011
Word Count: 3457

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Vol 10, #5 Contents

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