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US Drug Shortage & Supply Chain Crisis
Pharma's Missed Opportunity to Support Patients via Social Media

Pharma's Patient Support via Social MediaTo meet the increasing demand for drugs in short supply, legitimate wholesalers have been found wittingly or unwittingly passing along counterfeit drugs to hospitals, clinics, and physicians desperate for products no matter what the source. The case of fake Avastin has brought this problem into the bright light of main stream media. Authorities investigating the importation of low-cost foreign pharmaceuticals into the U.S. have identified a supply chain that may have allowed fake cancer drugs to reach U.S. clinics.

Many healthcare experts have suggested that social media can be an important component of patient support. Although many pharmaceutical companies actively use Twitter and other social media tools to push out positive news about their companies and products, very few use these tools for systematic support of patients who depend upon their drugs.

Topics include:
  • Can the United States Ensure an Adequate Supply of Critical Medications?
  • The Case of Fake Avastin
  • Erosion in US Supply Chain Confidence
  • Roll of Social Media
  • This is No Game!

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Issue: Vol. 11, No. 3
Publication date: 19 March 2012
Word Count: 1,776

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