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The Year 2013 in Images
Pharmaguy's Favorites from Pharma Marketing Blog

Pharmaguy Collage Every year Pharmaguy™ reviews the images that appeared on Pharma Marketing Blog and picks his favorites. After all, a picture is worth a thousand words! But rather than just presenting images out of context, Pharmaguy presents the images WITH context and comments, plus links, should you care to delve deeper.

Images include (partial list):
  • GSK: The Claes Oldenburg of Pharma
  • An Anti-DTC Crossword Puzzle
  • Pharmaguy's Criminal & Civil Settlement Planetary Chart
  • Vasella in Aspic
  • The Pharma IT "Nazi"
  • The Typical Mobile Health App Developer
  • DTC Down the Drain
  • Pharma Sales Jack & Jill
  • FDA Director Man Who Cried "Soon!"
  • Hooter's Waitress Tells All (About Novartis Sales Reps)
  • The Pharmaguy EU Tour Infographic
  • The Pharma Digital Hype Cycle
  • The Physician as Homer Simpson
  • Pharma's Google+ Ghost Towns
  • On Being Too "Patient-Centric"
Download the full text PDF file here:

Issue: Vol. 13, No. 1: January 2014

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Vol 13, #1 Contents

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