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Are Websites "Fair and Balanced?"
FDA Studies Online DTC Prescription Drug Promotion

Fair and Balanced Drug.comAccording to Internet analytics provider comScore, patients who visit a drug brand's website are more likely to end up taking that drug than those who don't. FDA is aware of this and cited a Prevention Magazine 2011 survey that found that 49 percent of respondents who went online for prescription drug information reported seeking this information on a specific brand's Web site.

As a consequence of this influence of the Internet, FDA is currently studying how consumers interact with websites. Specifically, according to an April, 2011, public notice, FDA has a number of questions surrounding how to achieve "fair balance" in online DTC promotion.

This article reviews the study "Examination of Online Direct-to-Consumer Prescription Drug Promotion" (FDA-2011-N-0230), which is designed to test different ways of presenting prescription drug risk and benefit information on branded drug Web sites.

Topics include (partial list):
  • Is FDA Out of Touch?
  • Format & Visibility of ISI
  • Table: Recent Rx Drug Advertising Studies proposed by FDA
  • What About Online Testimonials?
  • To Link or Not To Link?
  • Impact on Internet Guidance
Download the full text PDF file here:

Issue: Vol. 13, No. 10: December 2014

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Vol 13, #10 Contents

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