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The Debut of the Chief Patient Officer
Is It Just a Passing Fad or Will It Transform Pharma?

Sanofi's Three Pillar StrategyNew Engaging patients is a major theme at many drug industry conferences these days. The recent eyeforpharma Barcelona 2015 conference was no exception. Three days of presentations ended with a keynote by Dr. Anne Beal, Chief Patient Officer (CPO), at Sanofi, who spoke about the "Chief Patient Officer of the Future."

Dr. Beal -- a pediatrician and public health specialist -- joined Sanofi in 2014 after serving as Deputy Executive Director and Chief Officer for Engagement at the Patient Centered Outcomes Research Institute (PCORI), the United States' largest research institute focused on patient-centered outcomes research.

This article summarizes the roles of Chief Patient Officers in bringing the patient perspective into their company's work. Sanofi is used as a case study.

Topics (partial list):
  • Sanofi's Three Pillar Strategy
  • Patients Are Eager to Help
  • Overcoming Pharma's "Dark Side"
  • What About Fair Balance?
  • A Language Problem
  • Interview with a CPO
  • Chief Patient vs. Chief Medical Officer
Download the full article (PDF file) here:

Issue: Vol. 14, No. 3: April 2015

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Vol 14, #3 Contents

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