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The Patients Included Initiative & Pharma
Pharma Should Offer Continuing Patient Education Grants

WEGO PI Poster"Patient centricity," which aims to put patients' interests first, is all the rage these days in the pharmaceutical industry (read, for example, "The Debut of the Chief Patient Officer") and among attendees and speakers at pharma industry and medical conferences. But very few actual patients are part of the faculty and/or attendees of these conferences.

A group of patient advocates in Europe and Canada recently developed a "Global Charter" as part of the Patients Included initiative. The Charter lays down specific compliance guidelines for conference organizers who wish to display the Patients Included logo.

One of the guidelines of the Patients Included charter requires scholarships for patient to attend medical and pharma industry conferences. But who will pay the way for patients to attend and how will the scholarships be administered? This article discusses that issue and suggests that the pharmaceutical industry, which claims to be "patient centric," can play a role by sponsoring Patients Included scholarships similar to how they sponsor physician continuing medical education programs for physicians.

Topics (partial list):
  • No Patients? No Show!
  • Pharma Has Skin in This Game
  • The Patient Included Charter
  • Patient Lip Service Common, Inclusion Rare
  • Key Patient Advocates
  • What About "Ordinary Joe" Patients?
Download the full article (PDF file) here:

Issue: Vol. 14, No. 4: May 2015

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Vol 14, #4 Contents

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