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Digitally Savvy Women Pharma Pioneers
Show Support: Bring Them Into the Forefront!

HeartsOver the years Pharmaguy has had the pleasure of meeting and working with many very smart, talented, and interesting people in the pharmaceutical industry. Pharmaguy has been especially honored to meet and document the work of drug industry digital "pioneers" who have lead the way in the use of social media, digital, and/or mobile for marketing, research, patient support, or corporate communications purposes.

A segment that has not received enough attention from Pharmaguy and others is pharma women pioneers, digital or otherwise. Less than one-third of the PharmaVoice 100, for example, are women.

To rectify that, Pharmaguy put together a list of "Digitally Savvy Women Pharma Pioneers." You can find out who they are and more about them in this article.

Topics (partial list):
  • Why Focus on Women?
  • The Pharma Gender Gap
  • Figure: Pharma Gender Gap Pay
  • Women Pharma CEOs Rare as Dodos
  • Figure: Average Income of Pharma Sales Reps by Gender
  • Pharmaguy's List of Digitally Savvy Women in Pharma
Download the full article (PDF file) here:

Issue: Vol. 15, No. 1: January 2016

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Vol 15, #1 Contents

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