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Pharma on Facebook
A Glimpse Into What the Top Companies Are Doing There

This article provide a glimpse into what the top 10 drug companies are doing on Facebook.

This review, which was done between 28 December 2016 and 23 January 2017, focuses on the corporate pages and other Facebook pages owned by these companies, although it may not cover all such Facebook sites.

In addition, this review may not accurately reflect the current state of these sites as many new posts may have been made or images changed since the sites were examined.

Contents (partial list):
  • Pharma Social Media Checkup
  • Lack of Commitment May Be Holding Pharma Back on Social Media
  • Handling Comments on Social Media: A Typical Flowchart
  • What's Bayer Doing on Facebook?
  • Bayer's Betaseron Facebook Page
  • Johnson & Johnson on Facebook
  • Novo Nordisk on Facebook
  • Boehringer Ingelheim on Facebook
  • Pfizer on Facebook
  • GSK on Facebook
  • What's Novartis Doing on Facebook?
  • Will Pharma Marketers Use Facebook Live?
  • What's BMS Doing on Facebook?
  • Sanofi US on Facebook
  • A Disgruntled Patient Shut Down a Sanofi Facebook Page
  • Merck on Facebook
  • Astrazeneca on Facebook

Download the full article (PDF file) here:

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Issue: Vol. 16, No. 1: January 2017

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Vol 16, #1 Contents

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