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Optimizing eDetailing ROI
You cannot pilot forever

eDetailing, as with other innovative technology-based promotion approaches, promises pharma companies new capabilities to enrich customer relationships and to make the selling process more effective and cost-efficient. However, e-business programs are often considered successful based upon intuition and opinion rather than hard facts. Even financial ROI analyses evaluate the overall campaign and do not offer additional insights regarding factors that drive ROI or how ROI can be optimized going forward.

Torsten Bernewitz, Principal at ZS Associates examined these dynamics and summarized key insights from the analysis of a variety of ePromotion programs in his presentation, "Measuring and optimizing the ROI of pharmaceutical eDetailing," made at CBI's 2nd Annual eDetailing Conference (September 2003). The presentation summarized findings from a study of a variety of ePromotion programs.

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Issue: Vol. 2, No. 9: October 2003
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