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Drug Reimportation Issues Examined
Survey Results

Reimportation is a growing and real concern for the pharmaceutical industry and Congress is considering several bills that seek to make drug importation from Canada legal. What's the best argument against reimportation and is new legislation required?

This article summarizes the results of a recent Pharma Marketing News Survey on this topic. The survey asked the following questions:

  1. In your opinion, if Congress were to pass one of the 2 major reimportation bills, which bill would you prefer to be passed?
  2. Regardless of the fate of bills in Congress, what's your level of agreement with the following arguments that have been used against reimportation of prescription drugs?
    • Proposed reimportation programs are too complex and expensive
    • FDA cannot guarantee safety of reimported drugs
    • Risk of endangering patients with counterfeit or substandard drugs
    • Would hinder the ability of pharmaceutical companies to invest in R&D for new drugs
    • No guarantee reimported drugs would be cheaper after middlemen get their cut

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Issue: Vol. 3, No. 9: October 2004
Word Count: 630

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Vol 3, #9 Contents

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