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You May Walk Like a Duck and Quack Like a Duck, But You're No Duck!
Brand Advertising vs. Direct Advertising

There are two kinds of marketers -- brand marketers and direct marketers. In the world according to Jon Roska, CEO & Chief Creative Officer of Roska Direct, a Montgomeryville, PA direct advertising agency, brand marketers are hens (i.e., chickens) and direct marketers are ducks and both vie for the attention of the farmer (i.e., pharma client). The question is, Can chickens and ducks work together to provide the farmer with the best of both kinds of marketing?

This article reviews the observations and ideas on this topic presented in the entertaining book "Ducks in the Henhouse: The Challenges of Integrating Direct and Brand Advertising." Topics covered include:

  • Brand Advertising vs. Direct Advertising
  • Can a Duck Work for Chickens?
  • How About a Chicken in Duck Clothing?
  • So What's Wrong with Chicken Advertising Anyway?
  • Fusion Marketing
  • PMs Need DM Education

Are you a duck or a chicken? You are a duck if you answer "yes" to all four simple questions posed in this article.

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Issue: Vol. 4, No. 2: February 2005
Word Count: 1323

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