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Growing Pharmaceutical Sales Utilizing Six Sigma and Lean
How might Six Sigma help to improve sales efficiency in pharmaceuticals?

Six Sigma and Lean have been used for more than two decades to improve manufacturing operations in every industry around the world. But, most people don't view them as having applicability to the world of pharmaceutical sales and marketing. This article summarizes an interview with Edward Abramowich, Director Six Sigma, Global Sales Organization, Sun Microsystems, and one of the world's leading experts in utilizing Lean and Six Sigma in sales. Abramowich offers insights on how Six Sigma and Lean principles can be applied to improve efficiencies in pharmaceutical sales and marketing.

Questions and topics discussed include::

  • Why the interest now in applying these principles to sales and marketing and increasing revenues?
  • How can these tools help deal with margin pressures in our industry?
  • What is solution selling and how might it apply to the pharmaceutical industry?
  • How might these tools be applied to make the sales force more effective and efficient?
  • How might Six Sigma help to improve sales efficiency in pharmaceuticals?
  • Voice of Customer

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Issue: Vol. 4, No. 4: April 2005
Word Count: 1632

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