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PR: Advertising by Other Means
Book Review

Longtime marketing strategist Al Ries and his daughter/business partner Laura Ries (A&L), however, espouse this definition of marketing:

Marketing = PR + Advertising
(specifically, PR first, advertising second)

The Ries's make several arguments in their book The Fall of Advertising & The Rise of PR to support their claim that PR builds brands whereas advertising merely serves to defend the brand. This article provides real world pharmaceutical examples in support of the Ries's claims.

Topics covered include:

  • The Many Faces of PR
  • Marketing Disguised as PR
  • Advertising Has No Credibility
  • PR Compared to Advertising (table)
  • The Chantix Case Study
  • Reaching Somebody Who Counts
  • Pro PR
  • Advertising As "Cheerleader"
  • "Stealth" PR Practices
  • Regulation of PR

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Issue: Vol. 5, No. 7: July/August 2006
Word Count: 4930

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Vol 5, #7 Contents

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