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Accomplishing Adherence
Chase Compliance, Pursue Persistence

Lack of adherence -- the combined effect of compliance and persistence -- is a big problem for the pharmaceutical industry. James Chase, editor-in-chief of MM&M, once wrote "To say that tackling patient compliance and persistence poses a challenge to the pharmaceutical industry is like calling Tiger Woods a competent golfer or describing Katrina as a particularly bad storm. It is a gross understatement."

This article reviews presentations made at the recent eyeforpharma Patient Adherence and Persistence Summit including a presentation by David Baker, VP & General Manager of Shire's ADHD Business Unit, who presented on "Best Practices for Fostering Adherence." He used the ADHD market as a case study.

Topics and issues covered include:

  • Definitions
  • Adherence in the ADHD Market
  • Do Your Research
  • WHO's Adherence Take Home Messages
  • Shire's Solution
  • Tips
  • Patient Compliance: The Problem with Today's Solutions
  • Reward Them -- Intermittently -- and They Shall Adhere!
  • Rewards = Behavior Change
  • MedSignals® Communicating Pillbox

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Issue: Vol. 6, No. 10: November/December 2007
Word Count: 2710

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