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Building the Optimal Service Model
Creating the Right Physician Experiences to Drive Business

The vast majority of pharmaceutical companies across the US and Europe say they are moving to new customer-centric service models, which focus more on building relationships with physicians than do traditional detailing models. But are doctors experiencing any real change? What does that transition mean for companies, reps and physicians? What should you do differently to ensure the new models succeed? And what do doctors really want from you?

Those were some of the topics and questions addressed by TNS Healthcare in a recent webinar. This article presents a summary of this webinar and personal conversations with presenters conducted beforehand. Included are NEW research results about how US and European physicians rate pharmaceutical companies against a number of customer value points that are important in achieving success with the new sales model..

Topic headings include:
  • Evolution of the Sales Model
  • The New Sales Model
  • New Measures of Success
  • Key Findings of the 2009 TRI*M™ Study
  • Hygiene, Drivers, Hidden Drivers
  • A Decline in Rep Scores Across the Board
  • What Do Physicians Value?
  • Awareness and Use of Non-Rep Channels
  • Service Model "Report Card"
  • Customer Word-of-Mouth & Market Resistance
  • Key Survey Learnings and Implications

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Issue: Vol. 8, No. 2: February 2009
Word Count: 5556

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Vol 8, #2 Contents

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