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The New Rules of Marketing & PR
Book Review and Insights for Pharma

New RulesNow, most of you reading this are engaged in pharmaceutical marketing or PR, so you should be forewarned that this book does NOT address the challenges we face in a heavily regulated environment. But that is not to say that the methods explored in this book are not extremely valuable.

As an industry, we must find ways to utilize these tools in a way that is compliant with FDA regulations. The good news is we can! Let's explore...

Topic headings include:

  • Do the New Rules Apply to Pharma?
  • Examples of "New" Rules
  • The Press Release Then, Now and Tomorrow
  • New Tools to Implement New Rules
  • Expect to Hear Many "Nos" Before Your Hear "Yes"
  • Moving from Concepts to Action
  • Traditional Methods Not Likely to Fade Away

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Issue: Vol. 8, No. 2: February 2009
Word Count: 3040

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Vol 8, #2 Contents

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