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Will Healthcare be Rationed or Rational?
A Case for Supporting Comparative Effectiveness Research

Scenarios"We ration care in the US today using one of the most capricious and inequitable means possible--ability to pay," says Kim Slocum, former Director, Strategic Planning & Business Development at AstraZeneca. "As cost shifting to consumers has accelerated over the past decade, we've seen the effects of this as year-on-year sales growth for prescription products has dropped on more or less a straight line since 2000."

Unless something changes, Slocum envisions dire consequences for the drug industry: "Extend the trend out just a bit further and you're faced with a world in which sixty or seventy million people are completely uninsured with many of the remainder living with very skimpy coverage. Generic utilization rates in this situation probably exceed 80% and perhaps 30%-40% of all prescriptions go unfilled." This describes a future scenario Slocum calls "Consumer Chaos."

In this article, Slocum describes several alternative scenarios and makes a case for the industry to support Comparative Effectiveness Research or CER.

Topic headings include:
  • All Health Systems Ration Care
  • Pharma 2020
  • Evidence is, or Will be King
  • The Current Path is Untenable
  • Possible Future Scenarios
  • Badly Done CER
  • Best Course of Action

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Issue: Vol. 8, No. 3: March 2009
Word Count: 2482

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Vol 8, #3 Contents

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