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The Empowered Patient
What It Means for Pharma Marketers

Selecting the appropriate pharmaceutical product is one of the choices that empowered patients can make. But according to Reinhard Angelmar, the Salmon and Rameau Fellow in Healthcare Management and Professor of Marketing at INSEAD, empowered patients are involved before a drug even makes it to the market.

This article will review a presentation made by Angelmar at the recent eyeforpharma SFE Europe 2009 conference held in Barcelona, Spain. Angelmar makes a case for the drug industry to adopt a patient-centric model in which pharma companies can develop unique expertise in decoding the behavior, needs, motivations of patients and then use this knowledge as the basis for helping healthcare professionals and payers to put into place programs that achieve better patient outcomes.

Topic headings include:
  • The Power of Patient Empowerment
  • It Starts with Research
  • Degrees of Patient Empowerment
  • European Patients are Online
  • Influence Over Prescribing
  • Patients Determine Compliance
  • Patient-Centric Pharma
  • Relevance of Social Media
  • European Union Barriers
  • Relaxed Constraints on Horizon

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Issue: Vol. 8, No. 4: April 2009
Word Count: 2272

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