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Socially Challenged Pharma
How Ready is Pharma to Engage In Social Media?

Toe in WaterDigital Pharma Europe was ExL Pharma's first entry into the 'Old World' hosting an event already well established in the States. It seems they have found the time right to see whether the Europeans are like-minded in the exciting area of new/social/digital media in pharma.

In this article Erik van der Zijden -- entrepeneur, marketing professional, new media evangelist and self-styled "autodidactic techno-nerd" -- presents highlights of this conference and his personal point of view..

Topic headings include:

  • More Focus on Social Media at Conferences
  • Old School Digital?
  • Pharma Going Social, Slowly
  • Best Practices
  • Online Physician Communities Will Radically Change Pharma Marketing
  • When It Comes to Social Media, Pharma Marketers Inside Pharma are Not Keeping Up with Their Agency Colleagues (Survey Results)
  • Enterprise 2.0 and Pharma
  • YouTube Genius
  • The Future of Digital Pharma
  • Will doctors' social networks radically change pharma marketing & sales? (poll results)

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Issue: Vol. 8, No. 4: April 2009
Word Count: 3783

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Vol 8, #4 Contents

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