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Ad Execs Not Viewed as Innovative By Americans
Astrazeneca Survey

Sorry to break this to you, but Americans don't think advertising executives are very innovative. This is according to the AstraZeneca Innovation Survey (find it here).

"By carrying out this survey we sought to shed some light on what innovation means to people around the world and whether they believe it is valuable to society as a whole," said David Brennan, AZ CEO.

The survey shows that Americans think advertising executives are only as innovative as teachers, but much less innovative than doctors, artists, engineers, or scientists (see chart below; click on image for a larger view).

But in the "emerging" nations of India and China -- where pharma pins its hopes for the future of sales -- advertising executives are seen as much more innovative than doctors and somewhat more innovative than musicians.

I'm thinking of starting up an Indo-Asian edition of Pharma Marketing News!

This story was originally published in a post to Pharma Marketing Blog made on December 9, 2010.

Issue: Vol. 9, No. 10: December 2010
Word Count: n/a

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