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The Changing Pharma Commercial Model in 2010 and Beyond
Delivering the Customer Experiences Physicians Want

Pharma FansIn recent years, the pharmaceutical industry has moved away from its traditional sales model based solely on physicians' relationships with their sales reps to a multi-stakeholder influencer model. What are the key elements of the new Commercial Model? How has this new Commercial Model progressed? Is the new Commercial Model having a positive impact on physician relationships? Which companies are seeing the greatest impact on their customers?

These were some of the questions addressed in an webinar presented by Kantar Health, a leading healthcare-focused global consultancy and marketing insights company.

This article features a summary of the much anticipated NEW TRI*M™ annual survey results with physicians across the U.S. and Europe on their service expectations -- plus how they rate 16 Pharma companies on reps, relationships and services. The survey looked not only at PCPs/GPs but also -- for the first time -- at what oncologists expect from the industry.

Topics include:
  • 2010 TRI*M™ Pharma Reputation Index
  • PCP Sales Relationship Building Performance
  • PCP Sales Support Performance
  • TRI*M™ Drivers for Oncologists
  • Key PCP WOM Trends in 2010
  • Oncologist WOM Findings
  • Variations by Market
  • Variations by Company

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Issue: Vol. 9, No. 5: May 2010
Word Count: 4014

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