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Physician-Generated Content on Social Media Sites
Survey of DocCheck Members

DocCheck SM SurveyWith over 710,000 users, DocCheck® is one of the most heavily subscribed medical portals in the world. Recently, Pharma Marketing News and DocCheck collaborated to survey members of the DocCheck online community.

The goal of the study was to depict the usage of social media (online networks) within the target group of physicians. The influence and importance of social media as a modern channel of communication is growing constantly, also in the pharmaceutical sector. To date, there has been no study that focuses on the usage behavior of physicians on social networks. The present study aims at contributing to knowledge in this field.

Specifically, the following data were assessed: type of networks used, the frequency of posting, motivation for posting, estimation of network usage, relevance of content posted and an evaluation of the importance of online physician-generated content in the future.

Topic headings include:
  • Paying Physicians for Content vs. Social Media
  • About DocCheck
  • Composition of Survey Sample and Demographics of Respondents
  • Many Physicians Post Content
  • Online Networks Used By German Doctors
  • How Often & Why Do Doctors Post Medical Information?
  • Doctors Find Online Information Useful
  • Future of Social Media and Peer Review

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Issue: Vol. 9, No. 9: November 2010
Word Count: 1784

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