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Catalogs & Collections of Reprints
The following catalogs and collections of Pharma Marketing News/Blog articles, posts, podcasts, and surveys are available to download.

Catalogs are "living" documents that are updated on a regular basis as new relevant articles become available. They are meant to be read while connected to the Internet. Each catalog includes summaries of articles linked to full PDF or Web versions of the articles hosted on Pharma Marketing Network and Pharma Marketing Blog. To access the full article, click anywhere within the summary while connected to the Internet. Collections of Reprints
Reprint collections contain entire Pharma Marketing News articles focused on a specific topic. These collections may not contain the latest articles. Catalogs are better sources for accessing the most up-to-date content.
Pharma Mobile & mHealth Reprint Catalog
Listen, Respond, & Optimize

Pharma Mobile & mHealth Reprint CatalogThe Pharma Mobile & mHealth Reprint Catalog is collection of articles, blog posts, and podcasts, relating to the use and regulation of mobile health apps by the pharmaceutical industry.

Table of Contents:
  • Mobile Pharma Marketing: What's the 411?
  • Mobile Medical Reference
  • Everything You Need to Know About Mobile Platforms
  • Is There a Cure for Mediocre Pharma Mobile Apps?
  • What Types of Health Info Do Mobile Users Seek?
  • Mobile Optimization Offers Better ROI Than Mobile Apps
  • Checking Under the Hood of Pharma Mobile Apps
  • Some Unregulated Physician Smartphone Apps May Be Buggy
  • Pfizer's Short-lived LIPITOR Branded Mobile App
  • Pharma SmartPhone/Tablet Apps: Is There a Regulation for That?
  • Challenges of Regulating Mobile Medical Apps
  • Beyond Mobile Medical App Guidance
  • Reigning in the "Wild West" of Mobile Health Apps
  • Mobile Strategies for Pharma
  • The Sorry State of Pharma Mobile Health Apps
  • Patient Activists Demand Higher Quality Mobile Health Apps
  • Pharma Brand Ads Within Mobile Apps
  • Mobile App Usage Surges. Will Pharma Ads Follow?
Published 26 August 2014

Download the full text PDF file here:

Pharmaguy's Social Media Compendium
A Comprehensive History & Guide to the Pharmaceutical Industry's Social Media Trials, Tribulations, and Triumphs

Pharmaguy's Social Media CompendiumWelcome to Pharmaguy's Social Media Compendium, which is a catalog of articles, blog posts, podcasts, and surveys, all documenting the use of social media by the pharmaceutical industry from 2005 through today. Through this compendium you are able to relive the fascinating history of the pharmaceutical industry's social media trials & tribulations and ultimate triumphs.

Table of Contents (partial):
  • The Pharmaguy Social Media Timeline
  • The Early Years of Pharma Social Media Marketing
  • Socially Challenged Pharma
  • Pharma's Social Media Marketing Readiness Score
  • Industry & Consumer Advocates Square Off on Social Media
  • A Few Things I Learned at FDA's Social Media Hearing
  • FDA Regulation of Drug & Device Promotion via the Internet and Social Media
  • How Should Pharma Engage in Social Networks?
  • FDA Guidance on Responding to Unsolicited Requests for Off-Label Information
  • Moderation Best Practices for Pharma Social Networks
  • How to Manage the Online Conversation
  • Pharma C-Suite Social Media Dummies
  • Pharma Marketers Dive Deeper Into Social Media
  • Accountability for Pharma Content on Social Media Sites
  • Here Come the Pharma Wikipedians
  • Fair Social Media Practice Principles
  • Overcoming Space Limitations in Social Media
  • Solving the Social Media Adverse Event Reporting Problem
  • ABPI Issues Social Media Guidance for Adverse Event Reporting
  • Pharma and Social Media - Comfy Bedfellows
  • Social Communications in Healthcare
  • Who Owns Your Social Media?
  • PR & Interactive Agencies Vie for Pharma Social Media Campaign Crumbs
  • Four Useful Lessons Pharma Can Learn from the Pfizer Facebook Hack
  • Supporting Patients via Twitter and Beyond
  • AstraZeneca Hosts First-Ever Twitter Chat
  • PMCPA Issues Social Media Guidance for Pharma
  • The Future of Pharma-Sponsored Twitter & Other Social Media Chats
Download the full text PDF file here:

Pharma Marketing Ethics & Corporate Reputation Compendium
Bad, Devalued, Distrusted & Defensive Pharma

Pharma Marketing Ethics & Corporate Reputation CompendiumWelcome to The Pharma Marketing Ethics & Corporate Reputation Compendium, which is a catalog of articles, blog posts, podcasts, and surveys about the pharmaceutical industry's marketing practices viz-a-viz ethics and its corporate reputation.

Table of Contents:
  • Fixing Pharma's Reputation
  • Bad, Devalued, Distrusted & Defensive Pharma
  • Big Bad Pharma
  • Corporate Reputation in the New Media World
  • A Call to Action
  • GSK Strikes Back with a Grassroots Campaign
  • Pharma's Bad Rep or Bad Rap
  • How the Drug Industry Can Earn Back the Public's Trust
  • Self-Regulation as a Collective Blocking Strategy
  • The Truth About the Drug Companies
  • Will Ethics Revive (Exhume?) the Drug Industry's Reputation?
Download the full text PDF file here:
Multichannel Relationship Marketing
Multichannel is really a tactic that is part of a relationship marketing strategy.

MCM Rel Mkting Supplement Cover"Multichannel pharma marketing is conceptually relatively simple to understand, but incredibly difficult in practice," says Len Starnes, former Head of Digital Marketing & Sales, General Medicine at Bayer Schering Pharma. "That said, multichannel is not a transient phenomenon, it's here to stay."

This completely NEW -- published November, 2012 -- collection of Pharma Marketing News articles, blog posts, podcasts, and survey results focuses mainly on issues related to multichannel marketing to physicians.

These days, pharma marketers cannot rely solely on reaching physician clients via sales reps and print journal ads. Digital channels -- including the Web, social media, and mobile -- are increasingly being used by physicians to access information about pharma brands.

Multichannel is really a tactic that is part of a relationship marketing strategy, which uses various interactive media to develop, maintain, and foster a relationship with a current and prospective customers to maximize need satisfaction, share of mind and budget, and nurture loyalty and, ultimately, advocacy of the brand of a product or service.

47 pages.


  • Introduction
  • Is Your Marketing Head in the Cloud? (article & podcast)
  • Making Sense of Multichannel Marketing
  • Multichannel Marketing: Easy to Brag About, But Difficult to Do
  • Multichannel Marketing & Medical Reprints
  • The Evolving Pharma-Physician Relationship
  • Building the "New" Pharma Physician Marketing Model
  • Evolve Your Brand Into a Relationship With Consumers and Physicians
  • The Digital Life of Doctors
  • Podcast: The Changing Pharma eDetailing Landscape

Published November, 2012..

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Social Media Pharma Marketing
Damned If You Do, Damned If You Don't?

Social Media Pharma Marketing CoverIt is generally agreed that the return on investments (ROI) for traditional media like print and TV is declining. A new approach to the way forward in pharma marketing is needed and is actively being pursued by pharmaceutical marketers and their ad agencies.

Is it time for the pharmaceutical industry to take the advice of some of its critics and use the new "social media" tools available to it and extricate itself from its moribund situation of declining ROI?

These new tools -- lumped under the heading "social networking" or "Web 2.0 -- are big topics of discussion at many pharmaceutical marketing conferences. The question is, will pharma marketers embrace them, learn how to use them, and will they see benefits?

Is your company ready to engage in social media marketing? If so, what's your social media marketing strategy?

By filling out the Pharma Marketing News Rate Your Social Media Marketing Readiness questionnaire, you will discover where you may need to augment your knowledge about social media and the hurdles you may need to overcome within your organization to implement a social media marketing program.

When you complete the questionnaire, you'll be able to see the average of all responses to date and get a better idea of how you and your company compare to that average. You then can return here to purchase the supplement.

This collection of Pharma Marketing News articles, blog posts, and survey results provides you with an excellent introduction to the many issues involved in social media pharma marketing.

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ePharma Marketing, Volume 1
ePharma Supplement CovereMarketing is a challenge for the pharmaceutical industry. It is widely known that the percent of the pharmaceutical marketing budget spent in the "e" space has remained below 5% since the dawn of the commercial Internet!

Many experts, however, believe that pharma eMarketing is at a tipping point and that pharmaceutical companies are poised to shift substantial ad spending from TV and other media to the Internet.

The selection of articles in this Special Supplement to Pharma Marketing News was chosen to give you a better perspective on pharma eMarketing. Included are real world case studies that illustrate the advantages of eMarketing such as depth of information, interaction, relationship building and superior customer engagement.

approx. 45 pages.

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ePharma Marketing, Volume 2, Section 1
Is Pharma eMarketing at a Tipping Point?

ePharma Supplement Cover
Most predictions of pharma eMarketing "tipping" or coming of age have not materialized -- at least not so much as to put the drug industry on a par with other industries, which devote at least twice as much of their advertising budgets to the Internet as does the drug industry. Several of the articles in this section explore why this is so.

You'll also find data from various sources that document the trend in pharmaceutical online spending from 2004 through the end of 2007. Also included are articles that address eMarketing return on investment (ROI) and information regarding pharmaceutical adoption of social media marketing.

38 pages; published July 21, 2008.

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ePharma Marketing, Volume 2, Section 2
Emerging Trends and What's Next

ePharma Supplement Cover
While the drug industry as a whole may lag behind other industries in embracing the Internet, several individual pharmaceutical companies are more immersed than others.

This section includes articles that focus on innovative Web-based applications that the drug industry currently sponsors for healthcare professionals and consumers.

Some examples include defining a new role for eDetailing, engaging physicians and consumers via trusted 3rd party social networking sites, and ideas for integrating the Web into traditional pharmaceutical marketing campaigns.

27 pages; published July 21, 2008.

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Physician Education
Key Opinion Leaders, Medical Science Liaisons, & CME

PhysEd Supplement CoverIt's a new era for pharmaceutical company support of physician education. New guidelines and regulations from various governmental and non-governmental regulatory bodies have come into play during the past few years. The second event defining this new era was the withdrawal of Vioxx from the market in 2004 and the subsequent re-emergence of the importance of physicians as "learned intermediaries."

More than ever, it is important to educate physicians about new drugs and to keep this education separate from the marketing function of the company yet aligned with commercial goals.

This Special Supplement to Pharma Markeing News is critical reading for pharmaceutical companies and physician education service providers wishing to understand the new roles of key opinion leader physicians (KOLs) and medical science liaisons (MSLs) in the physician education process.

approx. 27 pages.

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Non-personal Physician Sales techniques

eDetail Supplement CoverIn the rush to gain Share of Voice by increasing the frequency and reach of sales calls, pharmaceutical companies may have lost sight of the value that the "detail person" has given to physicians in past years.

The declining sales force return on investment may signal that a significant adjustment will take place in how pharma companies market and sell their products to physicians. Many experts--not the least of which are the experts cited in this Special Supplement--think that eDetailing fits the bill for a solution to declining physician marketing ROI.

This Special Supplement to Pharma Marketing News brings together in one convenient document several topics and case studies on eDetailing and ePromotion to physicians.

The resultant collective wisdom of many experts both inside pharmaceutical companies and outside provide a frank assessment of the role and impact of eDetailing on physician marketing as well as the challenges that lie ahead.

  • Introduction... pg. 1
  • eDetailing Strategies for a Higher Physician Response... pg. 2
  • The Impact of eDetailing... pg. 5
  • Why Pharma Can't Ignore eDetailers... pg. 7
  • Optimizing eDetailing ROI... pg. 9
  • The Future of eDetailing... pg. 11
  • Intelligent Online Sampling Strategies... pg. 13
  • A Private-label, Turnkey eDetailing Solution at a Fixed Fee Price... pg. 16
  • eDetailing Solution as Part of a Cross-Channel Strategic Relationship... pg. 17
  • Online Detailing as an Adjunct to a Part-time CSO Sales Force... pg. 18
  • Expanding New Patient Starts Through Broader Physician Sample Coverage... pg. 19
  • List of Resources & Experts Cited... pg. 20
Bonus Reprints Included:
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Sales Force Effectiveness
Increase Physician Access and Detailing Effectiveness

SFE Supplement CoverEveryone knows that pharma sales reps are less effective than they used to be. Although the pharmaceutical sales force has doubled between 1995 and 2000, the number of audited calls has only increased by 10%.

Through articles and real-world case studies this Special Supplement presents the collective wisdom of many marketing experts who offer solutions to the problem of decreasing sales rep effectiveness and decreasing return on the physician marketing dollar.

The information in this Special Supplement is certain to give you a better understanding of the issues relating to physician access and how to improve the effectiveness of your physician marketing and sales campaigns.

  • A Crisis in Professional Detailing... pg. 2
  • Marketing's Role in Limiting Physician Access... pg. 4
  • Finding the "Right Stuff" to Revitalize Sales Productivity... pg. 6
  • Facilitating Physician Access and Education Through Online Conferencing... pg. 7
  • The Targeted Model... pg. 9
  • Limbic Market Research... pg. 11
  • Intelligent Online Sampling Strategies... pg. 13
  • Increase Prescription Sales with Smart Tools at the Point of Care... pg. 16
  • A Novel Approach to Communicating with Physicians... pg. 18
  • Increase Sales Representative Performance and Productivity by Building Collaborative Physician Relationships... pg. 20
  • Promoting Pull Through Prescriptions via Value-Added Free Medical Practice Web Sites and Patient Education... pg. 21
  • Gauging Physician Behavior and CE Impact with Two-Way, Real Time, Web-Based Technology... pg. 22
  • Live, Online, Interactive Conference with Experts to Provide Detailed Product Information to Physicians... pg. 23
  • Audio with Synchronized Visuals Streaming Over Low Bandwidth Internet Connections for Physician Detailing... pg. 24
  • Online Content Management System for Sales and Marketing Representatives... pg. 25
  • Percentage of Physicians Indicating Sales Rep Attribute is Valuable
  • US promotional Spending by Pharma Breakout
  • Impact of Sampling on Physician Prescribing
  • Pharmaceutical Marketing Influence on Physician Prescribing
  • Percent of Physicians Rating Information Services Good or Excellent (Internet, Reps, Journals, Symposia)
  • PDR Subscriber Survey
  • MD Consult Survey
  • Sources for Learning Prescribing Information
approx. 26 pages.

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Direct-to-Consumer Advertising, Volume 1
Emerging Issues

DTC Vol 1 Supplement CoverThe collection of articles and commentary in this Pharma Marketing News Special Supplement chronicles the emerging issues of direct-to-consumer (DTC) advertising and presents pro and con opinions from experts on how DTC needs to adapt in the post-Vioxx marketing era. Topics include: DTC Pros and Cons, Straight-Talking DTC, Communicating Risk, Biotech DTC, Print DTC, and more.

approx. 42 pages.

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Direct-to-Consumer Advertising, Volume 2
DTC in the New Era

DTC Vol 2 Supplement CoverDTC advertising is set for major changes in light of public criticism, but also in reaction to the changing reality of the marketplace where there is less need for a one size fits all solution. DTC must evolve and marketers must pay more attention to measuring and improving its effectiveness. Otherwise, billions of dollars will continue to be wasted. This volume is devoted to DTC best practices with a focus on techniques for improving DTC efficacy and return on investment, which is generally considered to be declining.

approx. 47 pages.

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Special Reprint Collections
ePharma Marketing, Vol. 2
Social Media Marketing
DTC Advertising
Multichannel Relationship Marketing
ePharma Marketing, Vol. 1
Physician Education
Sales Force Effectiveness
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Case Studies and Reviews featuring innovative Products and Services for Pharmaceutical Marketing and Sales. Presents Practical Solutions from leading vendors and suppliers.
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